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Greg Durkin and other actors around the country are enlivening often tedious courtroom proceedings by filling in for absentee witnesses. (Lawyers Weekly, July 2005) Download the article (PDF)

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The ability to tell a compelling story can be the key to winning a case. Here are a few performance tips from the pros at Law Actors to help you set the stage for courtroom success. (CBA Record, January 2005) Download the article (PDF)

Law Actors provides trial attorneys with professional actors who perform in the courtroom or at mock trials. Law Actors also can be of service to you with mock jury exercises, witness preparation, deposition training and presentation skills.

Developed under the guidance of prominent attorneys, the Law Actors concept is a proven, valuable asset to the legal profession and your legal team. You can count on Law Actors to cast the winning role based on your needs to read courtroom depositions or participate in mock situations.

Bring Your Testimony to Life with a Law Actors Performance

A Law Actors deposition reader is a tool that no legal team should be without. Attorneys know there are three major factors that shape a jury’s perception of a witness:

  • Competency—Does the witness sound credible?

  • Trustworthiness—Does the witness seem reliable?

  • Dynamics—Does the witness appear confident and authoritative?

Just as you highlight the written pages of your trial material, a member of the Law Actors cast will highlight trial testimony verbally and physically. A live performance, instead of a video taped deposition, is an active experience for the jury and a more persuasive way to present the testimony. The ability to deliver persuasive deposition testimony can be as crucial as demonstrative evidence. The Law Actors cast of professionally trained actors will deliver a winning courtroom performance using voice, tone, inflection, projection, articulation and body language—subtle looks, gestures and facial expressions.

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